Stellenausschreibung / Employment ad

An der Friedensakademie Rheinland-Pfalz – Akademie für Krisenprävention und zivile Konfliktbearbeitung in Landau ist gegenwärtig die Position der Geschäftsführung ausgeschrieben. Bewerbungsfrist ist der 31.7.2018. Zur Stellenausschreibung.

The Peace Academy Rhineland-Palatinate – Academy for Crisis Prevention & Civil Conflict Management at Landau is currently looking for a new executive. The deadline for application is July 31st, 2018. Please click here for further details (in German).

Discussing the Natural Resources-Conflict Nexus

Discussing the Natural Resources-Conflict Nexus

Natural resources are ever more contested – be it land, forests, minerals, water or pastures. From Papua New Guinea to Brazil, from Kenya to the Middle East, peasants, pastoralists, indigenous people, or urban dwellers, but also political and economic elites, claim access to these resources. Global climate change has furthermore strong effects on the availability of renewable resources, as do various kinds of land, green or even blue grabs and increasing population growth. How do these conflicts arise, how are they pursued, and how can they be solved – these are some of the key questions of our new blog.

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