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This section gives you an idea of the types of articles that can published in our blog, of how to structure and format your contribution, and what the publication process looks like.

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Types of articles

R&C publishes various types of articles:

  • Classic blog article: This is a short piece of academic work in which scholarly or public wisdom is critically reflected based on theoretical reasoning or empirical evidence – sort of a research article en miniature.
  • Review article: In this format, you summarize but also critically discuss a monograph, edited book, set of journal articles, or an individual article.
  • Conference report: Importantly, the review should not simply summarize who said what but discuss the contributions within an overarching theme.
  • Observation-reflection piece: If you stumble upon something that intrigues (= puzzles, fascinates, frustrates, etc.) you, write about it!
  • Methodological, ethical, and normative reflection: Broadly, in this type of article you can discuss normative biases, explore ethical or practical problems, identify methodological shortcomings, and make propositions on how to solve such problems.

If your article idea does not correspond to any of these categories, feel free to contact us with a sketch of your idea ahead of writing. We are happy to give you feedback and guidance!

Structure, style, and so on

You find much information on how to approach the writing in our author’s guidelines.

One thing is particularly important: A blog article is not the same as an academic article! Your countribution should be short, to-the-point, intriguing, easy-to-understand, and written for people from more diverse academic and also non-academic backgrounds!

Straightforward publication process

If you are planning a contribution, let us know! You can contact us by E-Mail ( Please also consult our author’s guidelines, which give information on how to prepare your article.

After receiving your contribution, we, the members of the editorial board, will review your article. Within about 1-2 weeks, we will give you feedback.

Once you have revised and re-sent you contribution, we will do a second review round. Normally, at this stage only few (if any) further changes are necessary.

Thereafter, within days your article is already online!

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